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Turbine Steam & Gas Components.

If you require sand blasting of your turbine gas & steam valve components, then we are the team to assist in your outage. From start to finish, we will clean and NDT Prep all your turbine and valve components to SA3 clean metal ready for NDT Test. With over 25 years experience working with some of the biggest company names assisting with there outages, I am sure we are your best choice for quality of work and price. Since starting up our own blasting company, we not only have the ability to assist you with your outage needs, but also as most of the stations know who we are as we have done all their blasting onsite for many years & can agree that we know what we are doing when it comes to power station outages. Please take a look at some of our previous work done in 2019 below.

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Our team with over 25 years experience in metal improvement engineering I can honestly say that sandblasting is one of the best (if not the best) ways to clean plant, machinery and all power station generator steam & gas valve components, as well as the turbines themself using media such as, Glass Bead, Alumina & garnet which are all grades to suit the work to be undertaken. Working for most of the big company's out there today, we are well known for our knowledge and commitment to ensure you meet your outage schedule on time. We go above and beyond to make sure all our clients turbine components are given the best abrasive cleaning to a very high standard. All turbine components and rotors are prepared for NDT Prep. Why not email for more information regarding our turbine cleaning.

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Our sand blasting services for the power station industry. UK & IRELAND. Sandblasting can be dangerous if undertaken by an unqualified individual. All of our sandblasting technicians are fully qualified and highly trained. They are familiar with proper safety techniques and wear the appropriate safety equipment at all times. They are also familiar with the equipment and techniques involved. Our mobile sandblasting service is available to clients all over the UK & Ireland. For more information on our professional and safe sandblasting service, get in contact with  [email protected]


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